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The Art Gallery of Western Australia

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Carolyn is delighted to have been selected as a Semi-Finalist for the Lester Prize 2020.


Semi-Finalists' works will be featured as part of the Salon digital On The Big Screen program in the Perth CBD, and digitally printed on 2.4m high outdoor exhibition boxes. The Lester Prize boxes will be on display at the front of Tower 1, Brookfield Place 123—125 St Georges Terrace, Perth from November 2, 2020.




Norm is a long-time friend, his positivity infectious. This portrait was painted from sittings and a photograph by Josh Lystrom, taken on day nine of the Shitbox Rally in the NSW Darling Ranges. Before me was a man of determination; exhausted, but full of strength for his feat. I wanted to capture the essence that shone through: an inspiring Australian man who isn’t afraid to get dirty for a cause, surrounded by a landscape that is congruous with his personal qualities. Colourful, proud and determined. Painting Norm felt like I had been on part of that journey with him, as I mixed paint to reflect the hues of the earth, the light of day, the dust and dirt of the outback.

Norm is a lover of cars and has always actively admired the Bathurst Race. When his brother Steven was diagnosed with cancer as a child, Norm decided to tackle Australia’s dusty outback in a national event for awareness, Shitbox Rally. Over 11 years, they’ve raised over $23 million for the Cancer Council. The trip includes camping pit stops, bringing together 500 participants in true blue camaraderie. Norm’s toughness and heart is what makes him knowable, even to strangers. It’s what gives him the grit to participate in a rugged and sometimes dangerous initiative to bring attention to an issue that touches us all. 

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